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Projects and forums

Currently, DRJUG’s activity is concentrated on three major projects and several smaller-scale events that are held every year, supported by state authorities, civil society organisations, funds and representatives of large- and medium-size businesses located in Germany and Russia.


These projects are aimed at uniting the youth of the two countries to share their ideas on activating the civil society and developing the youth policies in Germany, Russia and other partner countries (Poland and Ukraine). The organising teams that represent DRJUG work on putting together outstanding programs which encompass all the spheres of cooperation between the countries. This includes finding experts, who inspire and support youth leadership, organising meetings with state authorities and keepers of the civil initiative culturally enlightening the representatives of a guest state. This effort allows to create a network of rigid contacts among the young people, develops further cooperation between the representatives of civil society based on compromises achieved on debated issues and solutions proposed while discussing common problems.


German-Russian Youth Forum

Capital Talks

Trilateral Youth Forum

German-Polish-Russian Trialogue


Trilateral Youth Forum

Germany - Russia - Ukraine: A common future?

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Multilateral Youth Forum

Youth Normandy Talks

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