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Our scope

As a German-Russian, international NGO, DRJUG e.V. primarily focuses on the promotion, support and development of Russian-German friendship and cooperation at the level of young adults. In addition, the association is active in other Eastern European countries, such as Ukraine and Poland. The work of the DRJUG e.V. primarily concentrates on the organization of mostly one-week international youth forums where socially, politically, economically or culturally committed young adults are given the opportunity to exchange views.

Our intention

The focus lays on the long-term continuation of these forums, which are initiated as part of the association, by individual former participants of other projects, or association members. DRJUG pursues a multiple strategy, trying to reach as many people as possible with its projects. In this way, active and sustainable connections between East and West should arise.


Our goal

In this sense, the DRJUG association also pursues the goals of continuing the contacts of the Russian-German Youth Parliament, the expansion of existing contacts and networks between Russian and German youth and young adults, promotion of communication between the Petersburg Dialogue and the Russian-German Youth Parliament and promotion of civic engagement of young people for charitable or peacemaking purposes. It is important to note that the association is selflessly active and pursues no self-economic purposes and goals.



Mikhail Zakharov
Head of Networking



Artem Kardashevskiy
Head of Finance, Legal & Compliance



Marija Ruzhitskaya
Head of Finance, Legal & Compliance


The managing committee of DRJUG e.V. consists of a German and Russian co-chair. The current co-chairs are Beatrice von Braunschweig  and Mikhail Polianskiy. They represent the association juridically. Moreover, they support the work of the board and are responsible for general association matters.

Furthermore, there are five departments in the association managed by members of the board. Two presidium members - one from the German side and one from the Russian side - manage one department together. The board activities cover all functional areas of DRJUG: public relations, projects, internal communication, networking, and finance, legal & compliance.

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Mikhail Polianskiy



Alexandra Proskurina
Head of Public Relations


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Aisylu Nabiullina
Head of Projects

Nadja Photo.jpg


Nadja Filina

Head of Internal Communications


Beatrice von Braunschweig



Lukas Konermann
Head of Public Relations


IMG_3442 (1).HEIC

Gabriel Theis
Head of Projects



Thomas Baier   
Head of Internal Communications


Jonas Prien
Head of Networking


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