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Germany, Russia, Ukraine:

A Common Future?

The Trilateral Youth Forum “Germany, Russia, Ukraine: A Common Future?” was launched with its first forum in Berlin in 2014 and continued with forums in Moscow in 2015 and Kyiv 2016. In 2017, it came back to Berlin to finish the fourth-year loop.

With the aim to reinforce exchange among the civil societies of all three countries on the youth level, over a time of four years the project enabled already more than 120 young people from Germany, Russia and Ukraine to meet up, discuss and develop their own ideas for civil society cooperation.

The project has become an important platform for the youth exchange in the last four years, especially due to its outstanding format. The Trilateral Youth Forum shows that peaceful discussions and exchange is possible even during politically turbulent times. Every year, the particularly friendly and mutually respectful forum environment as well as all the friendships started during the forums leave a place for hope in a brighter future for the relations between our countries.

Berlin. November 2017

 Kyiv. November 2016

Moscow. December 2015

Berlin. December 2014

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