The bilateral German-Russian forum “The Capital Talks” took part for the first time on July 2-7, 2017 in Moscow and elegantly rolled down the curtain on the youth exchange year 2016-2017 for DRJUG e.V.. 30 young people from Germany and Russia visited the State Duma, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Germany to Russia, and offices of Deutsche Bank, Siemens, human rights watchdog - Memorial. The program included a number of discussions guided by professionals, representing different spheres, workshops and project work in groups. Each day on the agenda was devoted to one of the topics, such as history, culture, economy, the media and politics, which gave the participants an opportunity to look at the development of German-Russian relations from different perspectives. This forum was mentioned and regarded as exerting a positive influence by the German Foreign Minister in one of his speeches.

This year the Forum is taking place on 10 to 18 August in 2 cities of Central Russia - Moscow and Kazan - making it sure the Capital Talks 2019 will take the experience of the participants to the other level. Currently the Applications are being evaluated. 

Berlin, August 2018

Moscow, July 2017