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Febraury 16, 2023

The German-Russian Youth Initiative DRJUG e.V. will elect its new board on April 16, 2023.

We are currently looking for young people who are willing to contribute to our association´s work: Together with more than 100 members and an international network we invite you to work on a better future.

We believe that especially in times of the Russian war against Ukraine and the increasing destruction of transnational connections, youth has the ability to make a difference.

Please send us a message on our Social Media channels or fill in our contact form here on our webpage if you are interested in running for a position, or simply if you would like to know more about us.

We are happy to hear from you!



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October 30, 2022

Annual board meeting 2022

On the last weekend of october, the DRJUG board met in Frankfurt (Main), Germany. This year our annual meeting was nothing like before. Personally and as an association, we have been affected by Russia´s war against Ukraine, which we strongly condemn. At the same time, we see the need to stay in touch, share perspectives and support each other wherever possible. That is why we continue to work, even if not as before.

On the weekend, we summarised our work in 2022 that, for the first time in DRJUG's history, went without a forum. We discussed new ways of association work, alternative projects, Stammtische, basically how to stay in touch? During this time we were happy to draw on the enriching ideas developed during our last member dialog!

Finally…we talked about the upcoming board elections next year. For our new board 2023/2024 we are looking for committed young people from Russia and Germany to shape the next era of bilateral relations!

+++Save the date: 16 April 2023+++


June 12, 2022

Regional Weimar Triangle

The Regional Weimar Triangle turned 25 years old. With the support of North Rhine Westphalia, we invited friends and partners from Poland and France to Warendorf (Germany).

During the weekend, we were pleased to participate at the 'Hoffnungslauf' in Warendorf collecting money for children in need. Besides, we discussed the potential of future cooperation between international youth organisations, particularly in the light of the Russian war against the Ukriane. May thanks to CINUP (United Nations Interuniversity Committee of Paris) and FMD (Forum of young diplomats) who gave us very important feedback on our work which is heavily impacted by the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Last, but not least, we very much enjoyed the picnic with refugees from Ukraine who now live in Warendorf. We learned about their life in Germany and exchanged contacts. This intercultural meeting with French, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and German guests gives light in these dark days.

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April 10, 2022

General Members Assembly

On April 10, DRJUG online held its annual general meeting. Our chairs Mikhail Polianskiy and Beatrice von Braunschweig guided the participants through the event.


In addition to the annual topics of a general meeting, this year's meeting focused, of course, on the current situation in Ukraine with its serious consequences. For this purpose DRJUG had already invited one week before to the member dialogue, in order to consider together the effects of the war in Ukraine on the work and the people of the association. The results of the discussion were presented at the general meeting. In addition, there was time for further suggestions, which are now planned in a new extraordinary meeting with members of the presidium and members of the association.


For the latest information, please also visit our social media channels on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn


March 3, 2022

Press release March 3, 2022 + Project stop

The German-Russian Youth Initiative DRJUG e.V., as a representative of the youth civil societies in Germany and Russia, strongly condemns the war by the Russian government against Ukraine. Therefore, we demand the immediate withdrawal of foreign forces from Ukraine and the laying down of all weapons by all parties. We are deeply concerned about the Ukrainian population, especially our members, partners, former participants of our forums, friends and families in the affected areas. 

"These days we are very concerned about the situation in Ukraine and the people on the ground. At the same time, we are also thinking about Russian people protesting against the war and about the ties with the Russian civil society, which we must not lose," emphasizes Beatrice von Braunschweig, German co-chair of DRJUG e.V.

We do not see how a youth exchange can take place in the current situation. For this reason, we are stopping our projects for the time being.

Find more about our current activities in our press release in German, Russian and English language.

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