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Youth Normandy Talks

Frequently Asked Questions

I. Multilateral

Youth Normandy Talks

01. - 07. NOVEMBER 2020

1. How much of travel costs do the organizers reimburse?


  • For French participants 150 EUR

  • For Russian participants 200 EUR

  • For German participants 80 EUR

  • For Ukrainian participants 180 EUR


Please note that the travel costs will be reimbursed to selected participants only, upon prior agreement on travel arrangements with the organizing team.


2. Is there a participation fee?


Yes, it is 40 euros (decreased due to the Corona measures, see below). It has to be transferred before the beginning of the forum.


3. Do the Organizers help with Visa application?


Yes, the organizers will try to contact the Foreign Ministries and get an official confirmation from them for visa applications and border control.

Please note that this is still to be confirmed and depends on the further developments around the Covid-19 related measures.


4. Do participants have to pay for the accommodation?


Organizers cover costs for accommodation. The exact details will be sent to the selected participants.


5. What are the anti-Corona-measures?


We are asking all participants to have a negative Corona test (made no later than 72 hours before arrival).

We will further try to avoid public transport as much as possible and follow general hygienic requirements (social distancing; face masks; hand disinfections).


Please be informed that the forum might be held partially or completely online in case of travel restrictions in place.

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