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Young people consider the ways of developing closer bilateral relations by means of discussions and workshops on politics, economy and culture.

DRJUG derives from the former German-Russian Youth Parliament. It was designed as an organisation that fosters contacts between young representatives of the two countries.

Young people consider the ways of developing closer bilateral relations by means of discussions and workshops on politics, economy and culture.

Our primary purpose is to bring large-scale youth projects into life and to serve as a cooperation and exchange platform between the youth in East and West.

We aim at creating a space for youth collaboration

We aim at providing a platform for equal discussion

We aim at uniting the youth in East and West


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13. September 2020


Youth Normandy Talks: Application is open until October, 4th. 17:59 CET

We proudly announce a new project - the Youth Normandy Talks.

Inspired and supported by the German Foreign Ministry, we have put forward an initiative to bring together young professionals from France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine to give them a chance to exchange their experiences and visions for overcoming common problems in equal, respectful and open discussion.

The forum will take place in Berlin from November, 1-7. Learn more.

Click here for the application form.

Frequently Asked Questions.

30. August 2020


Code of Conduct implemented

For many years, our association has brought young people together to become future ambassadors, to be a common voice of a new generation and to grow as leaders of today and tomorrow. Having these goals is impossible without being true to the key principles we all admire and put in front of every action we take. We are delighted to build bridges between our nations and we truly believe that an ability to listen and to hear each other is the key to a common wealth, prosperity and progress. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that we have released our short, understandable and principle guided Code of Conduct of DRJUG. Learn more.


06. July 2020


Annual Report 2019 published

2019 has been a very dynamic year for our association. As part of the regular presidium elections, around half of the positions were filled with new people, while other presidium members undertook new responsibilities. We have once again ensured that both the acquisition of new talents and the breakout in new directions did not only contribute to the preservation of our previous experience, but also to our association's general development and progress.

Read our annual report here.


17. June 2020


About the German-Russian relations

Our board members share their views on the German-Russian relations and the reasons for their engagement in a new social media series entitled "About the German-Russian Relations".

Explore the statements on Instagram and Facebook or find them in our gallery

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